About us

We’ve made it our mission to inspire and empower people to harness the sun’s infinite energy so that we can lead the way to a better future for our planet and the generations that come.

Our Goal

As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, Prodigy Power is proud to be in the forefront of solar specialists and happy to be regarded as the “go-to solar company” in the midwest.

By offering a cleaner, cheaper alternative to traditional electricity, while empowering homeowners with the ability to own their power and upgrade their entire home without having to come out of pocket. 

We are here to help you navigate your solar decision quickly and to be of significant value regardless of the outcome.

Why us


At Prodigy Power, we never underestimate the importance of strong communication in guaranteeing the success of your project — and in providing an engaging (and dare we say fun?) client experience!

Save money

The average Prodigy Power Solar System will reduce a homeowner's electric cost by 30–40%. With $0 out of pocket!

Local & Honest

Prodigy Power, headquartered in Cedar Rapids, has been installing solar systems since 2018 and has earned the title of Iowa's Preferred Solar Provider.

Top Tier Installations

We strive to provide turnkey solar system installations through our vetted partners that save the client the most money while requiring no out-of-pocket expenses.


Working with a solar company that goes above and beyond "turning the switch" is what you desire. Prodigy Power will be there for you if an issue develops once your solar system is operational.  - something about our 25 year warranty

We care about you

Nearly every family has felt the effects of increased energy prices; we want to return the money to you and shield you against future inflation.

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